The Release Date of The Fast and the Furious 8 is Approaching, Installment to add New Characters

Several fans wept because of the demise of Paul Walker back in 2013 and the seventh installment of the movie franchise turned out to be extremely emotional for all the moviegoers as that was the last installment where Walker was witnessed. The famous franchise has attracted several viewers and whenever any news related to it comes into the picture, the fans just cannot stop themselves from getting excited.  And as the release date of The Fate of the Furious (The Fast and the Furious 8) is approaching, the viewers are getting more impatient. The Fate of the Furious will hit the silver screens on April 14 this year and it is quite obvious that the theatres are going to be jam packed on that particular day. The movie will bring back Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel yet again and it will be a treat to the eyes to witness them on the screens this time as well. However, the viewers have been anticipating that the director of The Fast and Furious 8. Gary Gray might rope in some new characters in the movie, and this is actually happening as Charlize Theron will be seen in the film for the very first time.

fast and furious release date

The fandom were awe-struck when the reports highlighted that Theron will be witnessed depicting the character of an antagonist who will play a major role in Dom’s life (Vin Diesel). The team will be preparing to lead a pleasant life which will away from all the wrongdoings and that very moment their happiness will be meant to get sabotaged as because of Theron. The female negative character will be seen brain washing Vin Diesel and will ask him to betray the team and eventually everything will take a different direction and things will fall apart. This revelation has lifted up the curiosity level of the viewers and not they are just waiting to watch what Theron’s character has in store for them.

All the installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise is known for fetching humongous amount of money as each and every movie under the film series have attracted a lot of audiences. Therefore, they are bound to hit the theatres and the same kind of gesture is expected from the viewers after the release of The Fate of the Furious as well because the speculations which are doing the rounds regarding the upcoming action drama movie, seems to be highly intriguing.

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Nevertheless, The Fate of the Furious which will be in the theatres within few months is expected to earn an impressive amount at the box office due to the craze that has already been created by the film.

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